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Company Profile.

Independent Business and IT solutions is a company that was registered and started since November 2016 to provide brilliant ideas and ICT solutions to business Organizations. We automate manual business procedures and record keeping in a computer software system. The company has potential and experience in development of complex solutions for its customer's implementation of concepts for data security, corporate and virtual private networks, databases and software development. We create modern software products for business management, based on Client/Server and Internet/Intranet technology solutions in accordance with the leading world standards in the field of IT.

We develop websites consistent with the demands of our clients: with advertisement exposure, aimed at marketing or containing database. We provide planning, professional development and management of web sites plus hosting, promotion, updating and support. Our clients are companies from Nigeria. Examples of some of our clients are: SAARG Group Ltd, Independent Research consultant (IDRC), Gallant Law Chambers, Martaba Drinks Ltd, African Language and communication academy (ALCA), Etc.

We develop software solutions in the following areas: Educational Institutions, Television station, Sales and Inventory software, Mobile phones Software, Property Estate Agents, Hospital systems and others. These software applications can be either desktop app, web app or a mobile app. We also build content management systems where a customer has power over the content of their software applications.


We at IBITS offer the following services to our customers

Software/Web Design

we help business owners gain presence online or build softwares to help them with thier day to day process and also keep records for future use and processing

CBT Centres Administration

We have the skills to setup and manage new CBT centres for ICT and JAMB activities or exams. we have experience with the use of thin clients, Remote Desktop connection etc.

ICT/Computer Training

We also offer skilled training in the field of ICT / Computer ranging from software / web Developement, programming, PC installations and Maintainance, Desktop Publishing(Ms Office Pacakes,etc).

Mobile Application Developement

As much as we develope web applications for clients, we also build responsive mobile applications for businesses and also offer training in mobile application developement

Computer Repairs and Installations

We help our customers repair the computer systems and also install software application upon request. we fix laptops and desktops computers and also perform PC upgrade.

General Contracts and Sales

We accepts contracts from our clients be it setting up a computer lab for secondary school, an ICT centre for business owners or procurements of hardware deveices and software. we are commpleately reliable

Why choose us?

We offer the best quality service and sollutions to our clients/customers.

We put our customers statisfaction first and enusure the get the best quality service from us. our customers privacy and security is of Utmost importantance to us.

We offer Consultancy services to businesses and organizations that require our services at thier own convienience

Thanks to the rich experience of our team, we support our clients in their correct choice of information technologies, pleasing the specific requirements of the clients, being it hardware or a software platform, a complete infrastructure or separate elements from it. The experience which we have accumulated gives us the opportunity to analyze the problem and to develop the most suitable solution with regards to efficiency, price and maintenance. Our team is constantly being trained as our objective is to keep up in pace with the new technologies..


To assist and enable customers to achieve great heights, success and grow faster by leveraging their business with information communication technology. To facilitate ICT research and empower students, organizations and individuals with the necessary skills in the field of information and communication technology.


To be the best ICT service provider to business organizations and also to create an environment with quality knowledgeable ICT personnel






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Our Team of experts and professional are as follows

Mohammed .D. Yusuf

Chief Executive Officer

Elisha Elias

Technical Manager

Bashir Bello Adamu

Network Engineer

Yusuf Mohammed


Mohammed Kabir Hamza

Software Developer

Our Clients


we maintain a standard pricing plan for all our clients depending upon the requirements and package of choice


Software/Web Developement

  • Static Website
  • Content Management Website
  • Sales and Inventory Website
  • School Portal
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ICT/Computer Training

  • Corporate/Customised Organisation Training
  • Web Design & Developement Training
  • Programming Training
  • Database Administration Training
  • Mobile App Developement Training
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PC Maintainance & Installations

  • PC Formatting and Repairs
  • PC Sales
  • Software Installations
  • Company Consultants
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Frequently Asked Questions

the questions frequently asked by our customer are listed bellow with thier respective answers.kindly send us a message should incase the answer to you question is not among the list bellow.

  • the training form cost N1500 naira can get the form at our office after payment or request we sent the soft copy form via email address.

  • yes we do and at the end we offer you certificate upon successful completion of the program. we also run profession customised training for some clients uponn request. we train organizational staff on ICT related to thier work.

  • yes we do as the stand to gain practical knowledge in the field of ICT.

  • We sell ICT related products such as Desktop computers, laptop,printers,modems,network cables, switches routers, server computers and lots more.

  • Yes we do.

  • the cost of developing websites and portals varies depending upon the needs and requirement of the clients. but a basic staic websites should cost not more than N150,000 naira only including hosting and domain name registration. where as for dynamic websites, it can cost N400,000, N500,000, N750,000 and more depending on requirements.

    Portals are dynamic standard websites so thier cost are also as dynamic websites and also depend upon the requirements of the client.

    We also have other flexible payment plan which we can discuss with our clients when the contact us.